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Return Policy


WilwinEV will supply a return shipping label if we ship an incorrect part that is not compatible with the part you purchased or if we send a part that is found to be defective. For all other cases, the customer is responsible for return shipping. To be eligible for a return shipping label, we must be notified of any issues within 7 days of receiving the order. WilwinEV does not reimburse for return shipping charges. We recommend best shipping carriars for all items. 


Restocking fees are applied when parts are ordered incorrectly; the customer no longer needs the part, the customer changes his/her mind and wants to return the part, or if the part returned is found to be in working order.


Restocking fee is 20%


Packages that are refused by the customer are subject to the UPS $15.00 refusal fee.


WilwinEV reserves the right to deny any claim for RMA if it does not meet the terms outlined on this webpage. Some reasons an RMA claim could be denied a refund/replacement could be (but not limited to) –

- If the part returned to us is incomplete – missing any of the original packing, documents and accessories.
- If the part has been returned damaged (scratches, cracks, dents, over-clocked, etc).
- If our security barcode has been tampered with.
- If the part has been altered in any way from its original condition.
- If the claim is being made passed the 90-Day warranty period.
- If you are returning an order without an RMA number or an RMA approval.
- If a product was sold as factory sealed and the part has been opened.


Certain products have extended warranty options available. If an item has an extended warranty coverage option, it will be displayed on the item page as a option to purchase. If an extended warranty is purchased, this coverage begins on the day the item is delivered.

In the event your product fails due to a manufacturer defect or normal wear and tear, WilwinEV will either repair or replace your item at no cost to you. The extended warranty does NOT cover any type of physical damage, overclocking, or damage caused by improper use. Please see below for extended warranty FAQ. 

When does coverage start?
Coverage starts on the day the product was delivered and ends on the last day of the warranty period that was purchased. 

What's covered?
Coverage protects against manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear defects (operational defects only).

What's not covered?
Physical damage, damage due to improper use, overclocking, lost / stolen items, cosmetic issues. 

Is there a deductible?
No, there is no deductible. 

How will my part be serviced?
WilwinEV will first attempt to repair the product. If we're unable to do so, we'll replace it with either the exact part number or a 100% compatible replacement - if the exact part number is not available. 

What if you cannot repair or replace my item?
In the event that we cannot repair or replace an item, we'll refund the prorated amount of the remaining warranty as well as the prorated value of the product. 

What is the turnaround time on repairs, replacements, or a prorated reimbursement?
Typically 3-5 days depending on the item availability. 

Who is responsible for return shipping?
The customer is responsible for returning the defective item to us for repair/replacement, WilwinEV is responsible for shipping the repaired unit/replacement - applicable to domestic and international orders.

How many times will WilwinEV replace the item if it fails under warranty?
We'll issue a one (1) time replacement if your item fails under warranty. 

If you wish to cancel your extended warranty, you may do so within the first 30-days only. On the 31st day, the extended warranty is in effect, and can no longer be cancelled.

Return address:

RM 2302 MingHua Building, No 7039 BeiHuan Road, FuTian Dist



China 518034

Tel: 86-755-82784066




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