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European countries ranked in terms of electric vehicle Station: the Netherlands ranked first, and Germany only ranked third

Recently, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) released a report on the density of European charging piles, which shows that 6 European countries have an average of less than 1 charging pile per 100 kilometers, 17 countries have an average of less than 5 charging piles per 100 kilometers, and only 5 countries have an average of more than 10 charging piles per 100 kilometers.

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Only 5 European countries have an average of more than 10 charging piles per 100 kilometers

In terms of rankings, the Netherlands is the country with the largest number of charging piles per 100 kilometers on average, reaching 64.3, while Luxembourg ranks second with 57.9. In third place is Germany, with an average of 25.8 charging stations per 100 km.

In contrast, the last five European countries in the average number of charging piles per 100 kilometers are Lithuania (0.2), Cyprus (0.4), Greece (0.4), Estonia (0.6), Poland (0.7).

Only one in seven charging piles in Europe is fast charging

In addition, according to statistics, only one-seventh of the charging piles in Europe belong to fast charging, and the power of other charging piles is below 22 kilowatts.

At present, Europe is experiencing an energy crisis, and the automotive industry research institute S&P Global Mobility has released a report that in the worst case, the European energy crisis may reduce its car production by nearly 40%, that is, it may cut production by about 1 million vehicles per quarter.

Europe's energy crisis will reduce car production by 40%

"As energy prices soar in Europe, severe winters could put some automotive industries at risk of not being able to keep production lines running," the report said. ”

From the beginning of this quarter until the end of 2023, Standard & Poor's forecasts quarterly production at European car assembly plants will be between 4 million and 4.5 million vehicles.



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