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Survey: There is a huge gap in European charging piles, and 65 million will be needed in the next decade

Although the boom in new energy vehicles has swept Europe in the past two years, as sales have increased, infrastructure shortages are also plaguing the market.

WilwinEV is headquartered in, Shenzhen, since its establishment in 2015, after continuous development and accumulation, there are more than 300 employees, including more than 100 R & D personnel, and obtained more than 70 patents. In terms of product types, EN+ realizes full product coverage of AC, DC, modules and operating platform systems; In terms of global market development, EN+ products take the lead in meeting the requirements of national standard and European standard certification, and American standard, Japanese standard and other products are also under development and certification.

The company has 6,000 square meters of office space and 9,000 square meters of manufacturing center. The manufacturing center has obtained IATF16949 VDA6.3 standard certification to meet the requirements of automotive-grade quality control standards, with 7 AC lines, 3 DC lines, and 2 SMTs, and will add automated production lines in 2022; The supply chain as a whole can support AC 60K+/month and DC 400+/month production capacity. EN+ has now become a leader in the AC pile industry; In the future, WilwinEV will continue to be committed to becoming the world's leading provider of charging equipment and operation platform, providing high-quality charging products, solutions and services to customers around the world.

Recently, according to a joint report by Ernst & Young and the European Power Industry Trade Association.

In 2035, 130 million new energy vehicles will be on the road in Europe

Europe's EVs will grow from less than 5 million today to 65 million by 2030, then double in the next five years, with 130 million EVs on the road by 2035.

According to EU-EVS data, in the past 2021, 11 major European electric vehicle markets such as Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Spain sold 853,075 electric vehicles in 2021, achieving an increase of 30.4% compared with 2020. In Europe, under the increasing number of new energy vehicles, the problem of charging piles has been further highlighted.

Electric vehicle sales in Europe are continuing to increase

EY estimates that the continent is expected to need 65 million charging piles to service these electric vehicles, of which 85% will be installed in private homes.

According to the latest statistics from Bloomberg, about 445,000 public charging piles have been installed in Europe in the past decade. Serge Colle, EY's global head of energy and resources, said about 500,000 new buildings a year would need to be built by 2030 and an average of 1 million a year by 2030 to 2035.

EY estimates that infrastructure expansion over the next decade or so will cost about $62 billion, with an additional $72 billion needed to install 56 million home charging stations.

In fact, in order to promote new energy vehicles, the whole of Europe is in a relatively "excited" state, a few days ago the UK said that in order to meet the growing demand for new energy vehicle charging, it is necessary to have 10 times the current number of charging piles before 2030.

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said that the UK currently has about 25,000 charging piles, but progress in subsequent rollout has been slow.

In contrast, the Chinese market, as the world's largest new energy vehicle market, by the end of 2021, China's public and private charging pile ownership totaled 2.617 million units, a year-on-year increase of 70.1%.



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